The What

I’ve written a lot about what I think is messed up with this country and the wider world. More specifically I’ve written about the thinking that seems to have got us here. A strange cocktail of the shallow, sinister and well meaning, mixed with more than a dash of superiority complex.  Whilst those who add the sinister ingredients seem quite comfortable with the nihilistic future it will bring, the well meaning and the shallow haven’t yet seen that future or think somehow they will be protected from it. Unfortunately they won’t. I know I rail against it and rant, but this is my vain attempt to rescue some from what’s coming – a kind of slap across the face to wake them from their delusion.

The effect is that I go over old ground in an effort to come up with the words in a different way so that this time they finally resonate with those suffering from the delusion on both sides of the political divide.

So I go again today.This time with a video.  I like a lot of what Mark Steyn writes.  Much of it resonates with me, plus he has the ability to make his verbal punches hit home when debating the others (but that’s for another post maybe).

The aim of today’s video is to really get to the heart of a lot of the Kafkaesque activity and the shouty madness that travels with it.  The video is over 40 minutes long but worth it. It really starts to get to the point at around 38 minutes, but I suggest you take it all in anyway.  At 38 minutes it starts to get at what all the shouty madness is about. In short you know something is wrong. Very wrong. So wrong that you can see we’re going to hell in a handcart. The trouble is, they need you to not say anything. They need you to shut your damn mouth and be told.

I’ll let Mark take it from here.


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Yesterday was Battle of Britain Day. It is to my shame that I did not know this until I saw it at Orphans of Liberty via Nourishing Obscurity. This in part I put down to my terrible mind when it comes to recalling dates.

That said for someone who values so much the prize of freedom (what is left of it) we have hanks to those who have stood in harms way over the years – it was not good enough and I’m happy to publicly apologise for my oversight.

What’s equally at odds though is that the way the whole day raised hardly a mention anywhere. I would normally take my cue for such things from somewhere like the BBC but no not this year. I only found out because bloggers had picked up the mantle and made sure of our responsibility to remember and honour the sacrifice of others. As well as Orphans, former knight of winged steed and later Tasmanian tavern keeper Amfortas also spoke up on behalf of the even fewer.

Looking at their website it even seems that the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight weren’t asked to provide a salute flight for the nation – very poor show.

We owe a debt we cannot pay to these people.  Some left us long ago. Some never saw what became of the nation they saved. The rest are in the late evening of their time with us, but we are still blessed with their presence for now.  The least we could have done as a nation was have  marked the day a little more publicly than we did.


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About that



h/t via Bayou Renaissance Man

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You break it….

…you own it.

James at Nourishing Obscurity has a piece around a subject that has been bouncing around in my mind for a couple of days now. Actually the subject has been bouncing around for a little while now.

Leaving aside what a Trump presidency might look like for America and the world, Hilary’s issues have some very worrying potential consequences. This in turn makes both her behaviour and the journalistic enablers very worrying. The signs that something is not right have been there for some time now. If you’ve been watching this for any amount of time longer than the last week, it’s been clear to see that there has been an absence of enquiry from the mainstream media. You can call it what you like but it has looked a lot like a deliberate effort to keep this aspect out of the public debate.  Unfortunately though, this weekend’s events became almost impossible to keep a lid on.  This weekend’s events gives further credence to the idea that something is wrong, something many have known for a while, but have seen their mission to run interference for her and therefore gave her a free pass. They want a Democrat in the White House or they want Hilary

The problem is, these are dangerous times for a US President to be compromised in the discharging of the duties of their office.  The world is a different and more precarious place than probably at any time in recent history. I suspect the next President is going to have situations land on their of a entirely global magnitude and often.

There have been a number of articles on her health over this weekend, but something key was only raised in the comment section.  The question was one of Hilary’s attitude towards this.  If there are health issues of the magnitude suggested, there is a question of why Hilary doesn’t remove herself from the race citing an inability to properly discharge the duties and demands of the President in the best interests of the United States and global stability.

Of course that question sort of answers itself and points to a lot of the other rumours about the Clintons. It points to the idea that it isn’t public service that is the aim here but power and money and money and power.  It’s the game for all the marbles. We have to remember this was the woman who said “we are the president”. The raw naked lust for power has been ever present and a lot of people have gone under the bus on that journey.

Which brings me back to her supporters both public and media who have willingly turned a blind eye to the array of things that raise questions about her fitness for office physically, psychologically and emotionally. They can only pretend there is nothing to see for so long. You see if she wins (and given the likely electoral college domination she will very possibly do so), she will be fairly free to press forward unhindered and the lack of scrutiny now will come back to bite them on the backside.  Why? Because they’re about to reap the whirlwind of what they sown. The decisions she is going to become responsible for will affect them.  It won’t discriminate between conservative libertarian, progressive.  Everyone will get caught up in this power play.  They can bleat all they like about how they backed her. Their usefulness will be over. Their turn under the bus will come.  The only question will be one of will they jump under it or get thrown under it?

So my message to them is:

Remember. You wanted this.

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A Forgetful Man

It would seem as we approach voting day in the EU Referendum to be de rigeur to invoke that great wartime leader Winston Churchill.  Only the other day we had David Cameron make an odd comparison to Churchill due to where he sits on a day to day basis.

Now we have Nicholas Soames also suggesting that his Grandfather would want us to vote in.

For those of us who see the EU for the political project it is we see its intended direction of travel. We see the path we will begin to head down if we vote to remain – a path that will show the voters what a real leap in the dark will look like.

With that in mind one wonders how Soames can quite draw the conclusion he has given the written history of Churchill. Might I suggest Soames visits or revisits Boris Johnson’s book on Churchill and the chapter recalling events when Churchill faced pressure to enter discussions with Hitler’s representatives in order to secure ‘peace’. The one which demonstrates Churchill’s view of Britain subordinate to someone else’s grand vision for european nations.

Having considered that the peace was not as it was presented but a slow creeping capitulation, Churchill dismissed the offer of talks. In order to break the ensuing internal stalemate, Churchill is, according to Hugh Dalton’s diary said to have made the following statement to the Cabinet (from Boris Johnson’s book) :

I have thought carefully in these last days whether it was part of my duty to consider entering into negotiations with that man (Hitler).

But it (is) idle to think that, if we tried to make peace now, we should get better terms than if we fought it out. The Germans would demand our fleet – that would be called disarmament – our naval bases, and much else.

We should become a slave state, though a British Government which would be Hitler’s puppet would be set up – under Mosley or some such person. And where should we be at the end of all that? On the other hand we have immense reserves and advantages.

And I am convinced that every one of you would rise up and tear me down from my place if i were for one moment to contemplate parley or surrender. If this long island story of ours is to end at last, let it end only when each one of us lies choking in his own blood upon the ground

That looks pretty unequivocal to me in its view. Maybe Soames has simply been a little forgetful on this occasion.

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The aftermath

PericlesA quick look around the Flexcit blogs over the last few days reveals a combination of sombre moods and a sense of anger.  All of it directed at the failure of the leave campaign to create a viable strategy and to ignore the presence of a credible plan to leave the EU in favour of winging it with utter drivel  The credible Flexcit plan would have pretty much shot down the remain campaign before all its wheels left the runway.  The result is the view that the leave campaign could well be staring defeat in the face.

Who knows? Maybe it is still winnable, now that certain mainstream media circles are latching on to the fact that there has been a safe plan in circulation for a while.  In an industry that is often an echo chamber of itself, might it be possible that Flexcit has a breakthrough with other media folks picking up on it?

As I say. Maybe but who knows?

Those blogs have got me thinking and they do raise a good point about the need to think about the aftermath.

For one reason I think it does need thinking about in case of a loss for those of us who wish to leave.  Personally I anticipate that in the event of a loss that there will be an effort to drive the stake home by advancing the idea that Euroscepticism because it is simply a failed idea, one with no redeeming features whatsoever.  An idea utterly devoid of any practical use to Britain, its people and the world. Just to be clear, this is not what I think of Euroscepticism, but simply that this is the narrative they will try to establish.

They will promote a version of “the science is settled”. The reason is simple. Those who have argued for remain will attempt to neutralise any future  efforts to raise the debate by cutting it off at the knees with a simplistic idea that can be trotted out by pub bores and everyday public who like their opinions fed to them in bite sized chunks and who don’t wish to examine such facts. Done correctly they’ll even have brexiters walking away thinking Euroscepticism is a duff idea.

That needs countering and it needs countering from day one. The truth of what happened here needs putting into the wider debate to prevent any remain campaign win from peddling myth as truth which has been their MO throughout.

My only concern with this is to what end will we be able to advance this narrative. I hope it will be, to get in place widespread public awareness of a safe plan to exit the EU if there is another referendum. My fear, however is that we may never get another chance at this.  Even if the narrative I mention gains ground, I fear that the powers that be will try to avoid another referendum. One thing I have observed about the remain arguments in this referendum is the price that needs to be paid to advance it- so weak is it in reality.  Its leaders are paying a heavy price in terms of credibility and the work they have had to put in place to subvert supposedly impartial institutions to advance a false partisan message. To advance the message, its leaders are taking heavy hits. I can envisage future professional politicians will look at this deduce that the path of least resistance is to simply avoid any future referendum.

This begins to bring me to my main point about why planning for a response and a narrative post any referendum loss needs to be ready for June 24th. The story of what really happened needs to be told.  It needs to be told because the electorate needs to stand back and look at what happened here.  As well as being played for fools by much of the remain argument, something happened with the leave campaign too.  They took you and I out of the equation.  Both of them fed us drivel dressed up as facts.  They gave us gruel and told us we were eating caviar.  In terms of the leave campaign though,the so called big hitters decided they were the only players that mattered and the only voices that should be heard.  They took our referendum away from us and we simply let them.  They decided that in all ways they were the only thing that mattered.

Many of us have heard the phrase ascribed to Pericles in the image at the top of this post.  To many it is simply an abstract notion.  For those who haven’t yet grasped its importance, I would urge them to look back and ask if the handling of this campaign wasn’t living proof that you haven’t just lived in a perfect example of that phrase.

If we step back a little further we will see what that got us besides marginalised. We will see that it’s not Euroscepticism that is defunct, but the political elite who decide they are in charge of it. They turn up each time and run it like a clown show.  That’s why it’s failing each and every time. That has to change in order for a future effort to stand any chance of success.

The other thing to understand is that it fails because the politicians steal it for themselves when in reality it does not belong to them.  It belongs to the people. A referendum is a question for the people to make a decision on for the politicians to abide by. Ultimately they know this and that’s why they have to come and steal it from us, fairly safe in the knowledge that we will hand it over.  That too has to change.

To do that, each and every one of us has to use the legal and democratic means (that politicians try to dodge) to take back the power that is rightfully ours in order to restore the balance between a democratic population and its public servants.  At the moment it us us being pushed around the board by the bubble dwellers when the dynamic should in fact be reversed. To do that though we must cease to be passive and begin to take an interest in politics and democracy in a way we simply couldn’t be bothered with.  This referendum is a lesson of what happens when you cannot be bothered to live up to the obligations of democratic freedom.

We have to take our legitimate power back into our hands

Without the work that needs to be done, we will for the reasons I mentioned earlier, never get another opportunity at a referendum. I am convinced of it. If they will not give us that right, we have to take that power back.

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Spreading the word

Following on from yesterday’s post in which I mentioned my view that this referendum has been stolen from us and on one level re -purposed for use by the elite, I wnated to shed light on the alternative leave message.

This is an altogether more sensible, stable and realistic path to redefine our future as a global player through a vote to leave the EU. For the most part however, few will have heard of it as no politician will embrace and offer it and few (if any) in the media will bring it into open view. The result is we are left with an abysmal, ill informed leave campaign and narrative.  A leave campaign that sets itself up for easy rebuttal arguments.

Of course there is a way round that. Watch it. Understand it and share it.

Go tell the country there is a real way out.


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