Nurture the flame

kitchenerIn the previous post I talked briefly about some of the emerging conversations from the echo chamber questioning the value of democracy.  What their conversation really means is they see themselves in correct in all their thoughts and they know better than us and as such we should have this fundamental freedom snuffed out because it gets in their way. I suspect I am not alone in utterly opposing such an idea being advanced. In fact I know I’m not hence this post.

The other point I touched upon was the organisation of those that would hinder democracy. I did so to illustrate the false assumption that somehow democracy will take care of itself. It won’t and that has been proven by the fact that it has become something of a sham.  Whilst I could write quite a bit on this, I want to cut to the chase.

In short, the referendum victory is just the first step of a very long journey. If not worked on and advanced there is a high risk it will be snuffed out.  To advance its development, we can no longer be passive observers, but each of us must pull on the rope in some way. Freedoms don’t just exist. they must be worked at.

I understand it is easy to feel utterly powerless but there is a place to begin. Some of you may know David at Scribblings from Seaham. He has long been writing of democracy and has started an initiative where we can contribute to changing the status quo.

It won’t work if we leave it to someone else.  The one thing I did agree with Barack Obama on was when he said “We are the change we’ve been waiting for”

Get yourself over to , sign up and contribute.

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Be ready

kitchenerI am a little delayed in posting this entry.  A couple of reasons lie behind that. Firstly I wanted to allow the Armistice Day post to stand on its own.  Secondly I have been transfixed somewhat by Twitter, more specifically the images and stories of the emotional incontinence that spread through the U.S. since the Trump victory. On that second point however there is something of a relevance to today’s post.

We’ve now seen two key events in 2016 which point to something of a shift in the balance of power.  One where those who fancy themselves as our betters have had the rug pulled from beneath them. Trump’s victory is one with the EU referendum vote being the other. Putting aside what you think of Trump, this second event has made a lot of people sit up and take notice.  It was easy for the echo chamber of the media and political elite to view the EU referendum as something of an aberration. Trump’s victory paints a different picture of what has happened and whilst there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth I get the sense that some in the echo chamber are beginning to realise there might be more to it. They’ll rage and squeal about it nonetheless.

As well as the howls of outrage on one side, there is a great deal of crowing on the other side.  I understand some of that, given the vitriol that was launched towards us on this side of the fence.

At the same time I would urge some caution against the complacency I fear will follow. There is a habit amongst us to perceive the war as being won, when it is only a battle in which there has been victory. We run the risk of losing what has been achieved if the gentle flame is not kept alive and nurtured into life. I am in agreement with much of what The Zman wrote about celebrating briefly before getting ready to ride again.

The idea of resting on our laurels would be folly. Look carefully around the echo chamber and there are disturbing signs. Signs in which people on the left raise questions about the value of democracy and see an argument against it. Signs in which those same people issue the call for better organisation to advance their agenda.

There’s no surprise for me in that. They have worked to organise over the last few decades and made enormous gains. That much is evident from the reaction we saw after both of the events I mentioned earlier.

The willingness to question democracy is however dark and that should ring alarm bells stirring us from our happy drunken state and ready ourselves once more.

More on that in the next post.


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Sleep gentleman. Be at eternal peace in your rest. We will not forget.

(h/t) Nourishing Obscurity for the video

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If you have 20…

…this is well worth a watch. There are certain principles that aren’t mine but I have no problem with him having his own viewpoint .

All that aside I think this is gold

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Just a few things

A busy day today so not a lot of option for blogging so decided to throw up a quick one just to clear my mind for the day.

I didn’t stay up overnight to watch the election results come in.  I have to admit to being slightly surprised at the result – mostly because it was nigh on impossible to get a truly accurate picture of what was happening in the minds and the hands of the people that matter i.e. the voters.

Some quick thoughts spring to mind

The No-Show

I see the Hillary didn’t show up to her victory rally, where her supporters had gathered.  From what little I’ve seen of it, I understand she was too upset. I don’t know if there’s precedent for this but at the same time I think it was a poor reaction  for someone who claimed the credentials to act as the leader of the free world. A leader is supposed to lead their followers in both good times and bad and she seems to have failed that test.

That said, I’m not really surprised.

Having peered behind the veil put up by the mainstream media, there has been a narrative of Hillary being all about Hillary and a constant sense of entitlement in which it was simply her turn to be President.  The other narrative is her comfort in switching principles, viewpoints and narratives in order to advance her path to the Oval Office.  In other words things are disposable when they’ve outlived their usefulness to her. One wonders if she felt the same about her supporters.

The other week a videocame out in which Michael Moore described the idea of a Trump victory as being the biggest “F*%K You” out there.

I’m just wondering if the no show by Hillary was another one.

I have a theory

As the champagne went flat at Hillary’s Victory Party I noticed a comment from West Wing actor Richard Schiff:

Richard Schiff, who played Toby on “The West Wing,” had a tough time stringing his thoughts together.

“I don’t know how polling can be this wrong,” he said. “I don’t understand it. ..“”

I have my own thoughts on this that can explain how the polling can be that wrong.  I think there are two things you can do with a poll. 1) You can take an accurate poll, with a representative balance, neutral questions etc.  You can then use the result to get a clear picture on your campaign and adjust your direction accordingly. 2) You can decide you’re just trying to win over undecideds and skew the poll so that it could ever produce the idea your candidate is the popular choice amongst voter. The aim being to harness the concept of social proofing so the undecideds think the smart money is on your candidate and fall into line.

The problem is you can’t do both and if you go with option two, you can’t look at it as an accurate poll. There has been much evidence that option two has been called on repeatedly in an effort to build a narrative around Clinton, especially in the press.

I think Mr Schiff should start reassuring himself he probably wasn’t looking at a true guage of the US electorate.  Hopefully then his thoughts will start stringing together.

Stuffing the suitcases

Now that the victory has gone to Trump I’m just wondering what today looks like at FBI and DOJ HQ.

I’m guessing there are a few in a cold sweat about the implications of a Trump victory in the context of the actions leading up to it.

It wouldn’t surprise me if there is furtive arse covering activity today.  I suspect elsewhere, suitcases are  hurriedly being stuffed and devices being smashed.

I think this one might play out quite interestingly in the coming months.


Finally I have no idea what sort of a President DJT will become. I don’t know how America and the world will look under his time in office.  I still wonder if this election was an impossible decision to get right. Part if me wonders if DJTs campaign approach and demeanour was a deliberate effort to get in the democrat party’s face and play them at their own game and that we he will change tack to become a serious President. Only time will tell.

In the meantime  – I wish us all Godspeed.


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Banquet of consequences


“Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences”

I’ve seen that quote attributed to different people. It remains valid regardless of the source. With that in mind I give you a quick trip around the table to point out some of the dishes on offer.

As James points out “Tell us something we could never have guessed

I thought the following quote within it was apt

“One of the few people I spoke to who was seeking one was Diana Janse of the Moderates. I asked her if she feared that Sweden was in the process of committing suicide. “It’s an open question,” Janse replied. She worried that the costs of Sweden’s generosity were only beginning to come due, and no one cared to tally them.”

Pete North on that Article 50 court judgement

I’m not advocating violence but I agree with his assessment on the potential for this to turn ugly with a public who would see this as wilful refusal to follow the will of the people.

“But that social contract works both ways. If government no longer acts according to the social contract then it loses legitimacy and forfeits the right to govern. If politicians dispense with democracy then we are obliged to revert to the default. Violence. That is of course in the most extreme cases, and this is not even close to an extreme case. Yet.”

Karl on “that” laptop.  Some suggestion that this is the mother-lode. There are a ton of comments there and elsewhere suggesting it blows the whole thing wide open and I do mean wide open. If they’re true there is the question of whether the US can stand a scandal of that magnitude.

To bring it to a happy close, Mark Steyn on various things including natural phenomena that aren’t as natural as they might be painted. For those who might argue it is, Mark has this simple observation

“That doesn’t sound terribly “natural” does it? If one were informed that, say, the population of Nigeria had gone from 80 percent black in 1970 to 40 percent black today, one would suspect something rather odd and unnatural had been going on”

Don’t worry – if none of these dishes are to your liking I understand the kitchen staff have plenty more to serve up. It will be more of an all you can eat buffet.

Don’t forget to save some room for the Waffer thin mint.




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About those questions


Yesterday I entered a quick post pointing to a couple of articles from across the pond about the election.  The National Review one I had particular issues with because I felt that most of the questions it felt the Republicans needed to ask themselves, for me, were missing the point somewhat.

In short pretty much most of them were actually looking outwards at the voters and my own read was that they had predetermined the problem; in that an election of Trump as the Republican candidate suggested there was something wrong with the voters that needed addressing.  What the article seemed to fail to do, is look inwards at what as a party they might be doing wrong. They fail to see they’ve been sent a message about themselves. In fact one of the telling lines that point to the notion of a predetermined idea lay in the words:

To use an analogy: Is what we’re dealing with pneumonia that requires amoxicillin and will soon pass — or cancer that requires chemotherapy and may not pass for a great long while?

Now I get the idea that Trump creates mixed feelings in the Republican camp, but that in itself raises a few questions and points as to what to do about that. It’s these that make the “Never Trump”  notion a bit odd and to be frank – too bloody late.  I’ll try to list my own views on that below.

The election is a bit of a binary process.  You either vote for Trump or you vote for Hilary.  You can sit this one out and abstain or vote for the third-party candidate if you wish.  Given the voting model in the US, election financing and the Democrat focus on their candidate, each of these apparent other options is in reality a vote for Hilary.

Many don’t like what he speaks about, his tone and his approach.  One only has to witness the revulsion at the pussy comments and how it apparently demonstrates how unfit he is for the office of President in the eyes of his republican critics.

Two things.  One is the pussy comment is not the reason. That’s part of a pre-existing emotional reaction that’s undergoing a retrospective rationalisation. Two, given the binary nature comment made above, to not vote Trump is to vote for Hilary. With those conditions in mind, outrage at Trump’s behaviour and comments are evidence of cognitive dissonance.  There is a mountain of scandal surrounding Trump’s opponent – and I do mean a mountain. The stuff just keeps on coming almost daily.  Now it’s one thing for the Democrats, Hilary and their supportive press to ignore it, but the dam has burst on this one.  It’s simply too well known.  To ignore it requires an utter refusal in the willingness to weigh the fitness for office equally. To see Trump’s scandals as beyond the pale requires wilfull blindness of Hilary’s.

Again this speaks more about the Republican establishment and points back to them more than it does those who put Trump in place.

Then there’s the question of time.  In short the Republican establishment is out of time on multiple fronts.

Firstly, Trump is the candidate.  It’s no good trying to still pick a Republican candidate that they like.  That ship sailed some time ago. The time for buyer’s remorse is long past. That they are is not really surprising though.   If they didn’t want Trump, they should have done something about it when they could. Not now.  This is the wrong effort at the wrong time. It points to a fundamental problem within their ranks – their lack of will to win and a failure to understand the fight they’re in.

The second time factor is a third consecutive Democrat Whitehouse.  Much ‘progressive’ water has passed under the bridge in the last eight years and they know it – they bleat about it enough. The Republicans have put up something of a mediocre fight but in reality have been pushed right back.  Their problem has been acquiescence. They’ve been trying to fight using the Marquis of Queensberry rules whilst their opposition came carrying a set of brass knuckledusters.  They’ve seen virtually all the tools of government turned on them in some form or another.  A Hilary win will most likely see her load the final chamber with her pick for the Supreme Court. I can see this from my uninformed position thousands of miles away.  For some reason however, the Republican establishment still refuses to draw a line in the sand, willing to be pushed back even further. I cannot see that there is another point to retreat to in the hope to go forward again.  Part of me wonders if they’re facing their last stand.

Trump may not be the candidate or the President they want, but right now he seems to be all they have standing between them and oblivion.

One wonders when they’re going to wake up

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